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Customized Rakhi from Urbankala are handcrafted based on your choice of color, design and style in cool and funky shapes and designs for your Bro.

Secondly, these cusotmized rakhi are made with eco friendly products as a base woven in multi colour threads with vibrant colors.

Moreover, Raksha Bandhan, also Rakshabandhan, is a popular, traditionally Hindu, annual rite, or ceremony, which is central to a festival of the same name, celebrated in India, Nepal and other parts of the Indian subcontinent, and among people around the world influenced by Hindu culture.

Also, The bonding between a brother and a sister is simply unique and is beyond description in words. The relationship between siblings is extraordinary and is given importance in every part of the world. However, when it comes to India, the relationship becomes all the more important as there is a festival called “Raksha Bandhan” dedicated for the sibling love.

Customized Rakhi is now available, order online.